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Easy Grammar Plus

This year we started using Easy Grammar Plus.   It really has been a great curriculum and it has been easier to teach than previous curriculums (who shall remain nameless).  I love the fact that the method declutters the sentences first by teaching you to remove prepositional phrases before you identify anything else.   This one change in the way we approach the sentence has made it very easy for my kids to get the right answers each time.   Instead of guessing what the subject is, they know!  I am very happy with this method and highly recommend.

There was only one problem, I like videos or some type of independent work.  To resolve that issue, I created these supplement presentations for each Easy Grammar Plus Lesson.  I hope you get a lot of use out of them.  Remember, to get the worksheets and tests you must purchase the curriculum books.  I recommend getting the teacher’s book and using a scanner app like Scanner Pro to create printable pages from your smart phone.  Then you can print them to your wireless printer or email them to yourself to print from your computer.  You will also save the cost of the student workbooks and test booklets.  When you finish using the course, the book is in brand new condition (hopefully) and you can get a great resale out of it!  Permission to reproduce the pages comes with the teacher’s book (for your household use only).

Click the links below to be taken to the week/lessons you need.

**As I complete the videos for each week I will link them to the corresponding page.

Lesson Plan: 5day/week Format 39 weeks and 3 days

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Week 9.         Week 10.       Week 11.        Week 12.       Week 13.        Week 14.       Week 15.       Week 16

Week 17        Week 18.        Week 19.       Week 20.       Week 21.       Week 22.       Week 23.      Week 24

Week 25        Week 26.       Week 27.       Week 28.      Week 29.       Week 30.       Week 31.       Week 32

Week 33        Week 34.       Week 35.       Week 36.      Week 37.       Week 38.       Week 39.       Week 40