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Memory Tips

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I found a great way to help your kids with memory work.  Use a dry erase marker to write whatever it is they have to memorize on the mirror in the bathroom or any mirror in their room.  My kids know that when they see stuff written on the mirror it goes without saying they have to memorize it.  By default as they brush their teeth, comb their hair, or wash their hands, they will naturally read the words written in front of them.  This is great for all kinds of things like math facts, bible verses, preposition lists, definitions, etc.  The best part is that it is already on the wall and you can change it as often as necessary with only a dry erase marker.

Also, since we are talking dry erase, throw out that worn out dry erase eraser and grab yourself a dry magic eraser.  It works so much better than the dry erase erasers, it picks up the dust he fuzzy felt leaves behind and you have to wet clean it less often.  I hardly ever use the spray anymore.  Just don’t wet the magic eraser.  It will still erase, but it just gets messy when you don’t need it.  The magic eraser works great on any surface you can use the dry erase marker on AND it will take sharpie off of plastic surfaces if you wet it.

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