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Not Your Momma’s Homeschool

I’m a Christ-following, homeschooling, crafting, blogging mom of two.  Everyday is a journey and an experience.  Some days we have fun and enjoy each other and learn soo, so much.  Some days, I am ready to drop them off at public school.  But that’s just parenting.  It’s not any different for any other parent.  Some days you just are so proud and some days you want to trade them in for a goat that would at least mow the grass!!

We began our homeschool journey as a result of feeling cheated by the public school system.  We had issues with common core and a sense of being failed.  In general we felt that because our children were good readers and were even a little ahead that they were ignored and held back in what they could do. We felt that we could give them so much more at home and let them learn and grow at their pace instead of just sitting in class not being challenged, being so bored they became a problem.

We wanted to give them all the education and information and knowledge they could soak up.  Seven hours a day in a school building without making any progress, to us, just didn’t cut it.  So we began our homeschool journey and we haven’t looked back.  The kids enjoy wearing pj’s to class and I enjoy not waking up at 5:30 to get my kids on the bus.

I was one of those moms who said I would never have the patience and was not organized enough to homeschool.  I was afraid my oldest would not respect me as a teacher.  I had a list of excuses that when lined up with what my children were getting, just weren’t enough to keep me from trying.  You know what happened?  First, I learned to prioritize and became better organized as a result.  I learned how to be more patient with my kids and our relationships got better and we grew closer.  Don’t think we never argue, because, well, teenagers. However, I have learned how to treat my kids as students and they have figured out how to respect me as a teacher.  In fact, they respect me more now that I teach them!

Along our journey it came to our attention that some of what we were doing, others were doing too.  I thought, why not share the time and help each other out.  As a result, we have decided to open our  blog for a co-op opportunity.   I plan to post videos, lesson plans, and other helpful tips as we journey through education in hopes it makes someone else’s journey easier, too.  Check out the menu above for all the content by subject. God bless and enjoy!